The year 2000 marked a serious change for the future of these dogs.
                                       Russia changed a 70 year old standard for a breed they DISCOVERED many years ago
                   2005 marks the 5th year of Russian breeding to a new modern standard calling for a fighting dog.
                                                            This is not our opinion it is the opinion of many Russian & Asian Experts.
                                      Why does a ancient Flock Guardian  need a gripping bite of a bulldog.         

Quoting Russian Breeds Working Dog Expert - Marina Gerasimova -
"Has gone threw some changes , as a rule is  different than the dogs produced in the Mother Lands"         
Ukraine CAO Breeder the ' Ukraine CAO do not possess the original working qualities of the dogs of Central Asia.

Many breeds divide based on Inbreeding on FAULTS found in the original standards.
Color: German Shepherd vs White Shepherds ~Size:  Jack Russell Over & Under.
Yet for some reason it is hard for people to imagine a separating of breed based on disqualifying bite into a standard .
No artifacts have ever been found to support Russia idea of undershot being a part of the aboriginal dogs .
The Swiss Institute with a collection of thousands of dog -K-9 skulls has NEVER found a dog with a undershot bite.
As a matter of fact the original studies of the breed back in the 20's done by the Former USSR did NOT find undershot in
the breed which is why it remained a serious disqualifying fault until the year 2000
Which is why FCI has  denied these changes for 5 years.
Which is why many of the Former USSR Republics do NOT follow this trend & never use the name OVCHARKA. & refuse to
use the 2000 RKF Russian Standard.?Russia has MADE big business out of DOG FIGHTING & it is legal there as well as the
Ukraine & Kazakhstan which borders Russia.. Business in Russia 1996  New Russian Send their dogs into Battle   
                                            Note not all Russian breeders are breeding fighting dogs .
Simply the fall of Communism also marked a new era of poverty for some & new riches for others .
They did what they had to do to survive.  But there is NO excuse today for what is being done to the breed.i

Guess the Type and Function?
              New Russian CAO/SAO Vs Dogs of Central Asia
                   Russia's New Variety  Effective 2000.

                                        Giving Credit where Credit is Due 1920's to the Late 1980's
As it relates to dog breeding NOT politics, war or religion which all had say in the development of these dogs
If not for the former USSR 70 years of working dog breeding we may not of known the dogs of Central Asia today.
The former USSR Dog breeding practices & work ethics were UNMATCHABLE by any other countries breed standards.
They created a standard based on studies of the breeds back in the 20's..
They of course bred DIRECT Imports from Central Asia & had a free flow of genetics available to them.
                                                They culled heavily, breeding only for Working dogs.
                             They employed experts that they themselves educated, _ called __Kynlogists.
           They did many field studies and they kept these dogs out of the hands of modern civilization .
They did NOT select for color or size.- Looks did NOT matter- giant dogs could NOT work &  were too expensive to feed.
Simply if the dog was healthy - good character and was big enough to take a wolf that is all that mattered.  
                                 They required ALL dogs to be bred for WORK and they prohibited exportation.
They held dog shows once to twice a year where the dogs would be judged go the standard they themselves expected
all dogs to meet , they REMOVED any dogs from the State Breeding programs that did not qualify.
                They had strict requirements for temperament and training. Dogs with unstable temperaments were killed,
                 They developed different lines based on function some for livestock work some for factory guards.
                                                         Pedigree's were kept by FUNCTION.  
Example Meat factory guards , their pedigree's were kept by the part of the government  who ran meat factories etc.
Some lines were crossed with other breeds by Red Star Army in order to experiment in the creation of a new
Russian Breed Black Russian Terriers... Many dogs that were given away from the Red Army kennel to people were of
crossed origin that did not make the cut in the creation of the Black Russian Terrier or the Moscow watch dog.
Dogs were NOT bred for the pet fancy or by free enterprise since both did NOT exist..
Pets were simply NOT owned by the vast majority of the Former USSR.
Dog Fighting as it relates to a major gambling blood sport did Not exist yet.
Just think about this , Since the fall of the former USSR the Olympics are NO longer dominated by the
athletes of the Former USSR . Why? those athletes were born, .selected & trained to win.
They set tons of records in every sport they participated in.
They set the bar higher for us Americans. This level of commitment did cover their dog breeding as well.
When the former USSR divided itself in 1991 and left the Republics Central Asia they occupied for decades.
This started a domino affect that lead to the ruination of the dogs .
Taking the worse turn in the year 2000 when they changed the 70 year standard for the breed 
Dogs are Now bred for profit no longer meeting any form of Working- temperament or structure requirements.

Dog Bred from Central Asian lines 1998
Import to USSR Turkmenia
1990 Bred 1984
               Modern Russia Dog Breeding
                      2000 Forward
                  Compare for Yourself

Moscow Watch dog
Russian CAO Today