Making history for the breed 13 years.
2012 1st BIS at NC class FF Taj
2013 FF Saber gets his 19th Best in Show Adult
1st Total dog to total dog breeding 2011
1st +only US breeder to show CAO Speciality in EURO 11
Over 143 CAO, and we brougth the best working stock home
1st UKC Total dog with Group 1 Huge grp Link Video 
1st Fulltime adult Working Livestock dog gets a Grp 3 1st time in ring FF Willow 2010
1st UKC Total dog with a RBIS , and 1st Dual Total dog FF Gandy
1st UKC  Rally titled dog FF Kim bred, owned shown by me 2010 1st place
1st Breeder handled Total dog, FF Kim Possible Aug 2010
1st US bred Total dog, 1st Total dog with BOB Competition 1st Premier  FF Astrid 2010
1st & Only UKC Grand Champion with competition  FF Saber
1st BOB Win Premier with Competition. FF Saber
1st to Win Premier semi finals with competition 09 FF Gandy
1st & only USA World Champion 07
1st FCI CH Mexican International Latin American US Champion 07
1st  Gold Medal Obedience FF Dante 06
1st Breeder of a UKC Grand Champion FF J lo Sept 06
1st Breeder of 3 Generations of UKC Champions FF Spirit 06
1st CAS featured in Dog Bible Book 2006 Cozemo
Youngest UKC Champion 6 Months FF Spirit 7/06 
1st & Only US FCI Breed Inspections -     
1st US Dogs Rated Excellent by FCI - RKF 01-06
1st & only us Bred OFA Excellent        FF J-lo 04 04
1st Breeding pair of OFA Good          Ali X Coz 03
1st Breeder Producing OFA Good/Excellent dogs   03
Ist Breeder to Win againest Import World Champion Line A Jloo
t & 2nd Winner Us Nationals
1st National Specialty Winner      FF Sharkey 03
1st ARBA Champion with Competition    FF Sharkey 02
1st UKC Champion 02                    FF Sharkey 02
1st Female & Only females Pass ATTS Ali-Jlo 2005  Spirit/Ice 08- Piper 09
1st CGC of the Breed ~                 Coz 3/ 2000 
1st TDI of the Breed    ~               Coz 2000 
1st Canadian Champion ~                         Tasha 98
1st UKC Best n Show Female                     FF Ice 08
1st UKC Best in Show Adult  Male            FF Saber 08
Ist US Arba  Best in Show Adult                Bear 02 
1st Canadian RaritiesBest In Show            Tasha 99 
1st Multi Champion at age 3 yrs   Cozemo 02
1st Youngest 3 X Champion age  18 Months FF Tim
1st UKC Reg Dog Tasha  All dogs UKC Litter Registered 
1st & Only Rarities Grand Champion Cozemo 01
Only US breeder of UKC Total dogs now 5 of them!!!!!!!!!!!! with 12 Awards

Most BIS  in USA
98Arba Watertown ~ Tasha (15 dogs in group)
98 BOS Under RKF Judge  ~ Tasha FCI
98-99 ~ 3 X Group 1 Canada ~  Tasha 
00 Best In Show Canada ~ Tasha 
00 3 X Best In Show Puppy ~  Cozemo CT 00
00 Reserve BIS Canada Grp 1 4 X USA ~ Cozemo
00 BOB 4 X Group 3 & 4 RKF CAO Speciality Winner. COZ  
01 Rerserve BIS Molosser Stock FCI Judge ~  COZ
01 5X Best in Show JR FCI judges ~ Ali 
01 Best in Show JR Molosser 2001 FCI ~ALI
02 BOB Major CAO Competition ARBA CB 3X (COZ) - FCI 
02 BOB Major ARBA CB 1X 9 months (FF Sharkey)  _ FCI
02 Best in Show Jr 3X & Group 2 Adult - FCI (Sharkey) FCI
02 Best in Show Arba Adult PA Chaikins Messiah Bear
03 FF NY Courage Under Fire Reserve Best In Show Adult 
03 1st US Nationals for the Breed FF Sharkey
03 Best In Show Puppy J-Lo 2x  & Justin
03 Best In Show+ RBIS Adult FCI Molosser Show Canada FF jlo 
03 BIS 3 Bronze Medal Molosser Stock FF Lady J-LO 
03 BOB & BOS Molosserstock FCI Judges President of the FCPR 
2 X BOB Cozemo 1x FF Lady J-lo. We won BOB all Shows beating almaz
Beating Dogs bred by World Champion line imported Oliviag.
04 Group 1 New UKC Champion Bear - 9 CH dogs Grp
04 Grp 1 FF Bam Bam Best UKC Guardian Puppy
04 Grp 1 Grp 1 Champion FF Tim UKC 
04 2nd Us Nationals BOB Coz BOS J-lo
05 FF Dante Bronze Medal 19 breeds MBA Burt Yamada 
06 Baba Hatim Terez Group 3 11 Breeds Sportsman
06 Group 1 FF Jlo Ohio 7.06 1st UKC Grand Champion
06 Group 4 for 9.5 year old Bear UKC NY 
07 FF Bobo Grp 2 & 4 Big Show Toronto Grp 16 breeds
07 2 Best in show  Puppies FF Isis 
07 2x Best in show Pup FF Gandorf
08 FF Bobo Best in Show Adult
08 FF Gandolph Best in Show JR Molosser Show 11 pups + Grp 1
08 FF Saber 1st UKC Best in Show Adult ( 5 dogs in group) _ Grp 1
08 FF Ice Best in Show Adult UKC 11 Working dogs
08 FF Gandorf Best in Show Adult 12 dogs  in Group + Grp 1
08 Best in Show Puppy UKC FF Rebel Rose Sue
09 UKC Best in Show Adult FF Saber #2
09 Winners Premier Top Ten FF Gandy FF Saber and FF Palang
09 Best in Show FF Gandy New Grand + Grp 1 2 4 
09 RBIS 2 FF Gandy 
09 Best in Show  FF Spice Pup
09 Best in Show Adult FF Palang
09 RBIS FF Saber +  3 Grp 1
09 UKC Best in Show Adult  FF Saber 3rd one 180 dog show + grp 2 3 
10 Best in Show pup 3 FF Primo FCI LGD Expert Alcrudo
10 BOB 2x and BOS FF Astrid beating Maxomagic breeder  Evans  
10 Rererve Best in Show  FF Rosie
10 2x Best in Show Jr FF Primo 
10 BIS Adult 3x Huge show FF Saber grand total 6
10 3 grp 1's FF Saber  UKC FF Palang BOB with Import Competition grp2
10 RBIS , New Total dog FF Gandy.
10 4 Grp 1;s FF Saber
10 Grp 1 New grand Ch FF BOBO _ grp 2, Grp 1 FF Gandy , Grp 3 FF SPice
11 2 RBIS Saber , RBIS FF Palang
11 FF Astrid Grp 1 NC Classic Huge grp
11 4 BIS RBIS FF Saber
11 Grp 1 Animal Planet Heidi and FF gandy
11 3 Grp 1 CaL FF Saber
11 New total dog new rally FF Primo
11 FF Porsha BIS Jr grp 2 adult huge grp, guard grp 1 jr, adult 3 4, 
11 FF Palang gets his 2nd BIS  
11 FF Saber gets his 11 12th BIS 11 Rbis
12 FF Saber gets 19 BIMBS and FF Palang gets his 3rd
12 FF Taj BIS NC Classic
12 FF Primo grp 1 , Porsha grp 1 ukc both new canadian champions
12 FF Primo grp 1 Total dog 12 BIS
13 2x BIS Puppy FF Panda showed by me
13 GRP 1 ICE 
15 rbis ff BROOKLYN 9X gROUP 1
 Total Adults Best in Shows Adults - 34  59 Grand total
 Tasha, Bear, FF dogs  Jlo  Saber 19.11,  Gandy 3/5, Ice,Palang 3,Bobo 2, Taj
RBIS Adults  27 Tem-Jlo-Coz_Sharkey Saber 11.Gandy 4 .Rosie,Palang
 JR BIS 13          Puppy BIS 13   Grand total Best in Shows 56 FF handled 27
146 Groups ones with 10-15 dogs in grp No other US breeder has come close is 

                                                                     Temperament - Test's -  Titles -Work 
                                               All dogs are tested for stabiliy , shown , and at a later date tested for Protection.
CGC-16 Canine Good Citizen : Spice,Kim Ali ,Coz, Teddy ~ J-LO, Dante, Sharkey, Pebbles,  Goldy, Bobo,Gandorf.
Palang Saber,Thestra, Astrid 
TDI  ~ 4 Therapy Dog International                                Ali & Coz & Teddy Kim
TT   ~  17 Coz & Dante, Bear, Ali,  Jlo, Teddy, Spirit-Ice-Piper Saber Palang, Spanky,goldy, Spice, Gandy,Kim, Primo
FCI Tan ~5  Movement,                                         FFjlo  Ali, Coz & Bear, FF Sharkey                                      
Protection  5 Test Civil                                      Coz + FF Dante -Bear-Jlo- BOBO ,kim
Rally 1 FF Kim, FF Astrid ,FF Gandy , FF Primo. FF spice, FF panda, FF B klyn
HIT FF kim

               32  Top Winning Champions in the USA with limited Showing
 All our Champions earned these titles by beating tough BREED & Group competition - No double double points.
1. Canadian Rarities - ARBA Champion Tasha Warrior Princess BIS
2. UKC-Rarities Grand USA_Canadian_International_Grand_MBA , ARBA Champion Cozemo 
    RBIS Winner RKF Show NY 2000 , Beating all US & Import Competition. BIS CGC TT TDI 
3. UKC- World Champion 2007-Mexican-Latin American- International Baba Hatim Terez TT CGC TDI 
4  UKC  Champion Princess Ali BIS age 6 Years old TT CGC TDI 
5. UKC  CHampion Bear BIS - SHowed at age 10 years and won TT
6. UKC  Champion - Arba ,Master-Rarities Champion FF Lord Tim (owner D Hull) 
7.  UKC Grand  -Canadian -CMA- Champion FF Lady J-lo. BIS BIS TT OFA Excellent
8.  UKC  ARBA  Champion FF Piper  Sue Bottino Grand Champion pointed TT
9    UKC FF Pebbles  CGC PH OFA
10. UKC-Arba-Rarities Champion FF Sharkey-RBIS
11. UKC Champion FF Spirit TT OFA PH
12. UKC Grand Canadian Champion FF BOBO BIS Tracey Hughes CGN TT 
13. UKC Grand Champion  URO1 2x Total dog FF Gandolph 2x BIS  CGN 
14. UKC Grand Champion FF Saber BIS 1st UKC 15x BIS Fred CGC TT 
15. UKC Grand Champion FF Palang  Fareed 2xBIS Cgc TT 
16. UKC Grand Champion FF Isis BIS Many Grps wins TT 
17. UKC Champion FF Sheeba Grp 2 grand pointed
18  UKC Champion FF GOldie CGC grp wins
19  UKC CH  FF Rosie UKC pointed RBIS Adult Grp 1 BIS pup. 
20  UKC Grand  CH FF Spice uor1 Cgc BIS beat MOM grp 3
21. UKC CH 4xTotal dog FF Astrid CGC   URO1 Beating Maxomagic Vic Evans for Title, grp1
22. Molosser Champion FF Dante 2nd UKC pointed TT steve
24 UKC Ch  URO1 Total dog TT FF Kim Possible CGC Protection TDI High IN trial HIT 
25 UKC Grand Champion URO 1 FF Primo BIS pup JR 3x BOW Premier Beating MOM youngest grand pointed
26 UKC CH FF Porsha, Jr Ch BIS jr 2 grp 2 3 4 adult rbis jr 3 4 grp 1 3 
 28 UKC CH FF Taj UKC BIS tony
 29 UKC CH FF Willow grp 2 3 3 show by me
30 UKC CH FF Gibbs bob and susan
31. UKC gr  FF Missy Mauro
32 UKC CH FF big bang moose age 6 montths top ten 2013 and grp 3 4 Kevin
33 UKC CH FF Panda BIS PUP Multi Total dog Uro1 Group 1
34 UKC Grand CH FF Brooklyn girl pon fire RBIMBS 9x Grp 1 <ulti Total dog Uro1
35. UKC CH FF Reno S Williams

F Bonnie UKC pointed. FF halo Ukc pointed.FF Buffy UKC Pointed PH OFA. FF Dante/Tig UKC Pointed
.FF Rocco UKC Pointed. 

FF Bred 30  Champions - + 5 Foundation dogs.
Owned  or bred but   handled by us 17.
Total Titles for all dogs 570
12 Grand Champions 8 UKC . 

Note 2 New CAS Champions in 2013 both dam and sire are FF Bred many generation dogs.

Both breedings were to keep the FF name ..
The dishonest people removed my FF name. Wanting to take credit for 18 years of my work.
One of the dams bred is not paid for. Years ago she was to be bred , then the real estate crash occurred.,
They offered to send her back since they were not able to pay for her and were living in motels with 5 dogs.
I offered to take all 3 of my dogs if they needed. They were grateful I allowed them to keep her as a pet.
Later that pet was bred and no money was offered and my name removed from the resulting ONE pups pedigree.
Can I sue? Sure but getting blood from a turnip is not worth it. I sent my last 50.00 xmas fund to their 911 plea
for funds when they had no money to pay rent or dog food. 
Their are takers and givers. I gave everything to these people and then turned out to be classless in every way.

         USA FCI RKF Judges National Specialities 4/03-06          
                All Excellent/VP 
03 BOB FoxFire Sharkey "Excellent"                                                       Cozemo -Al-=JLO
04 BOB Cozemo BOS FF Jlo                                                                     Coz-Ali-Jlo-Pebbles
 05 BOB FF Dante REGIONAL Burt Yamada Grp 3                                        Cozemo
06 BIS Puppy                                                                 J-lo Justice-Kim Spiri Coz Dante  
07 President FCI Mr Hans Muller awards Teddy World Champion

Please note we brought in Top Russian RKF and FCI judges for 5 years to get all our Stock rated.
Doing so resulted in Caucasian Ovcharka breed founder stalking our shows after we banned her for cheating.
We sadly gave up our FCI type shows called Molosser Olympics.

Later we were to run a UKC Based show and found out we woud have to allow mutts bred by Maxomagic In the Show until DNA came back proving some dogs were Estrela Mountain dog mixes. We felt it would be a insult to bring in a FCI expert and expect them to deal with mutts in the ring due to politics.
***** Note Later that year DNA Challenge Proved maxomagic crossbreeds dogs 

UKC Premier Foxfire Vs Maxomagic Top Ten Finals
2013 No one showed up at Premier . Maxomagic got it by default.
2012 FF Saber Beat Maxomagic defending his title
2011 Top Ten Winner #1 dog FoxFire Gandys beats all defending his title. Owner handled vs breeder handled
2010 Top winner Maxomagic  breeder handled beats owner handled
2009 Top Ten Winner FoxFire Gandy beating Nik hun son, both dogs handled by owners not breeders
2008 Teddy BOB No Competition
2002 Coz first UKC dog show after I got the breed into UKC.

3 out of 4 UKC Premiers FF number one dog has beaten Maxomagic !!! 

Only UKC Total dog Premier considered by President of UKC the highest honor FF Astrid and Anna beating Maxomagic 2010 

Other BOB Premiers, and direct competition

2011 MOM 2 FF 2
2010 All Mom 4
2009 All FF 4
2010 FF owner NC Classic vs breeder V evans BOB and WB FF Astrid all shows.
Grand total of BOB . MOM 6 FF 9
                          Molosser Dog Show Results 01-06
We have won every Molosser Show we have ever Entered
New York:1st SHow
01 BOB Reserve Best in Show ~ Cozemo
     BOS Tasha
     Best in Show Puppy Ali 
02 No Molosser Shows
03 Winter Canada. BOB FF -J-lo RBIS Best in Show Adult
03 Spring New York BOB FF Sharkey Group 3 
               BOS FF MOM Peach
               Best Jr FFJ-lo Group 3 Bronze Medal
03 Canada BOB Chaikens Bear - BOS FF J-lo
03 Pennsylvania
03 Fall Tally for 3 shows we participated in
BOB 2 x Cozemo Beating Olivia and Dushman 2x
BOS 2x FF J-lo Beating Olivia , Coz & Dushman
BOB 1x Cozemo  Beating Dushman
04 Canada Winter BOB FF J-lo
04 BOB Cozemo Nationals Russian Judge
     BOS FF J-lo
04 Canada Summer Cozemo  
FoxFire is Undefeated for Best of Breed under FCI Judges And winning in a 98% percentile all other circuits.
05 Cozemo & FF Dante MBA
05 Bear CMA August
06 Baba Hatim Terez CMA March Sportsman Group 3
06 BIS Puppy FF Terror MBA
06 Group 4 FF Bobo Cma
07 FF Bobo Group 2
08 FF Gandolph Best In show Pup
08 FF Bobo Grp 3
10 FF primo BIS pup 3
No molosser show 2011
2012 Coming
Beating ALMAZ World Champion Lines
Therapy dog test
Stable AFTER Protection
BIS Jr huge grp
                                                                                 OFA-OVC-GDC Penn Hip.
                    Only  US breeder with ALL dogs VERIFIED in the OFA & Penn Hip Data bases.
                   PI before a OFA # indicates the dog was verified thru DNA, Chip or Tattoo.  Requiring ID  eliminates fraud .

 Confirmed by UKC
1st & Only US breeder of Total dogs.
FF Astrid 1st Grp 1 4x Total dog
FF Kim 2nd High In trial 
FF gandy 3rd RBIS 2x Total dog
Only total dogs with BOB Competition
Only total dogs with R Best in Show
8BIS Adult dogs
FF Saber is the Top CAS of all time 
20 Best in Shows BIMBS 13 Rbis
37 Group 1's 51 Group wins out of 52 BOB
Which means he wins 99% 
FF Saber is shown by his owners.
                        FoxFire Farms 1997 - 2015
               Our pursuit for excellence is unmatched !
                                    Health Tests: 69  
                             Temperament Tests 56  
                         Champions: 35  26 Bred by FF
                      History making achievements: 49
                                Total dogs Awards:22
                                 Rally 7   Grand CH: 12
                          Best in Show  Adults   9 dogs

 FoxFire Spirit           OFA Good + Pennhip , patellas                        FF Jlo X Coz
FoxFire Pebbles        Penn  Hip  OFA Patellas                                      Coz X Ali
FoxFire J-lo              OFA Excellent                + OVC Clear              Bear X Ali                         
FoxFire Sharkey        OFA Good                                                      Coz X Tasha         
FoxFire Dante           OFA Good                                                      Coz X Tasha   
FoxFire Ice                OFA Good - Patellas                                    FF Jlo x Teddy
FoxFire Gandy          Penn Hip  OFA Patellas                                    FF Pebbles X Teddy  
Foxfire Saber             OFA Patellas     Penn hip                                 FF Jlo x Teddy
FoxFire Bobo            Penn hip, OFA Elbows/hips                              FF Pebbles X bear 
FoxFire Buffy             OFA Fair/PH     Patellas                                 Ali X Teddy    
FoxFire Willow          Penn Hip         -                                               Ali X Teddy
FoxFire Kim Possible OFA Elbows Patellas  Penn hip  Dentition ,cerf,cardiac       FF Jlo x Coz
FoxFire Primo OFA Shoulders , Patellas, Thyroid  Penn Hip Most health tested stud in the USA.  
FF Astrid OFA Patellas     OFA Hips Cerf   Cerf                                            FF jlo  X Coz
FF Palang OFA Patellas  Penn Hip                                                FF pebbles x bear   
FF Sheeba,  OFa Patellas Penn Hip                                              FF Pebbles X Teddy
FF Spice OFA good , Clear patellas Penn hip. Dentition                               FF jlo x Teddy 33
FF Buddy, Penn Hip / Dentition                                                     FF Ice x FF BOBO
FF Ollie Hips elbows good normal                                          FF bobo X FF ice
FF Sharkira OFA Excellent Normal elbows                                             FF bobo X FF ice
FF Porsha
FF Cookie Avenger
FF Panda
FF Bklyn
FF Gibbs
FF Storm
Dogs not bred after health test done:FF Piper PH Loose not bred.,FF Panda,FF Tanky OFA Knees ( right hip not bred neutered)  FF Bam Bam OFA Knees . .FF Precious ofa patellas spayed ,Mountain top justice PH not bred, Queenie import PH Not bred  40.
 Ali                             OFA Good    + OVC Clear   Parents Working Dogs Uzbekistan 99
 Baba Hatim Terez    Penn Hip                               Parents HD A  
 Bear                         OFA Prelim Clear               Sire of only US bred OFA Excellent 
 Coz                           OFA Good Hips, OVC Clear  GDC Hips Elbows Clear  Sire clear      
Tasha                        GDC Elbows Clear , Hips R (Clear) L (01)                                     

2013 FF Saber Top 4 Dogs FF
2012 FF Saber 
2011 FF Saber Defeated MOM
2010 FF Gandy Defeated MOM
2009 FF Saber
2008 FF Saber, FF Gandy beat mom
2007 FF BoBo
2006 FF Jlo
2005 Coz kid 
2004 Cozemo
2003 Ali
2002 FF Sharkey
1997-2001 Coz, Tasha