The Turkmenia Sheep-Dog, in bulk represents in its general outward shape & physique a dog above
the middle height, strong constitution (raw boned builds also can be found).
Her massive figure with a some what prolonged frame, with a small lifted rump
(sacrum above the hump) as well the robust muscularity are evidences for power & tenacity.
The male dog's humeri is 65-75 cm, also can be met up to 80cm, and the height is 60-70 Cm  
Some qualities like the male violence, the alertness . the robust and acute ear, the  impenetrabilty of
hair, give the dog a chance to be successfully used not only for home & drove protection but also for
guard & watch service in the regions with diverse climatic conditions.
Notes: 1.
The Turkenian Sheepdog in bulk cane be found in 2 different forms:
a) Massive & flabby constitution.
b) Dried Up constitution.
2. The dogs with a massive constitution all too often have a folded skin on neck &
the chest,  a clumsy running as well; the dogs with a light constitution are running lightly.
The HEAD: Large, with highly well built & wide frontal part,
The NOSE: Is well built some prolonged some wide form. The maxillae are closely clung. 
Nose is black colored
The teeth are white & sound.  
The EYES: are not big, circular form, seated deeply,black,dark brown, & greenish-gray color.
The EARS: are high standing, pendant, with a triangular shape.
The majority of the dogs have ears circumcised.
The NECK: is short,vigorous,quite ofen with dundreary weapers.
The TORSO: The spine is developed, short, with some curved line in the direction to the nephritoc
part which is  wide, but flabby with some concavity. The Pelvic part is well built & elevated.
The Thorax: Is wide & sinewy
The Ribs are well developed, there are some with tubbing form, coming to the elbows.
The ABDOMINAL PART: is insufficiently pulled up in direction to the groin.
              The dogs with a atringy constitution usally are wiry.
The TAIL: is medium sized, crokked, falcate, annular form . Quite often the tails become detached.
FORE-LEGS: They are firm, parallel set each other slanting ,shoulder blade articulation,
              with well built fore arm & metacarpus.
The HIND_QUARTERS:  Well developed thigh, slightly obliquely set to the knee. The knee is square,
well built, slightly askew placed, with a expressed blunt shape of the joints.
The metatarsus is mighty & with slope toward the paws.
The PAWS: are large, very often wide spreader with the dogs from the sandy provinces & also in
lump with a big  black claws for the dogs dwelling the uplands.
COLORATION: Dark grey, speckled, yellow sandy, black, white, spotted, red haired with stars & marks.
The HAIR: Medium length, thick with dense pelt A shaggy and wavy haired dogs can also be found.
DISADVANTAGES: Russian Wolfhound, borzoi like head structure; any abbreviation that has
an influence on the dogs behavior.

Square -Big-Dewlap
Huge Head-Size -Bone
Owner Dr.Chaiken
Brooklyn NY

Distinctive Features of the Turkmenian Sheepdog