Head Types Within All Standards
              Classic Brick Head.
      The most Common in the Breed .
   Do you see the brick as in his muzzle

     Bear Head Shorter Muzzle ,
More cheeky, More Stop.
Looks like Grizzly Bear
  Wedge Head Almost No Stop,
Longer Muzzle,  type often confused with a none existent "horse head"
More Examples
Akbar Coz Dad
Grand Sire Coz Afi Abdula
Cozemo Grand Sire
Afi Abdula
Akbar Coz Dad
3 Head Types Accepted     Brick-Wedge-Bear
Note allot of miss information about Ear Set
Pls use Coz head as example ear must be set at or below eye level ~look for red bar.
Note MOST US Vets do terrible jobs cropping this breed
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