Breed accepted as Central Asian Shepherd Dog
        History of the 1st Written Former USSR Standards: Before FCI
1. 1925-Written -History of the first standard has its own history.  From 1st-5the Of December 1925.
In Moscow was held the First Union Scientologist Congress that passed & endorsed standards for many breeds.
But that standards were not been published at all. 
In the article "For all Second All Union  Congress of the Scientologist" which has been published in the review
"Huntsman" #8 in 1930 was mentioned the fact, that the First Congress was not finished its organizational work. 
Published In 1931  "Standards & Special Features of the Service dogs". 
The author of that standard was V.L. Vaisman, the Chairman of the Committee for the official dog breeding
OSOAVIAHIM.  The standard that is continuing to be in FORCE at Present,
Endorsed  In 1966 & recommended as a manual of organizing the breeding with the dog races. 
At the 3 plenary session of the council of Federations for official dog-breeding of the SSSR carried out on 12-13-66.
2. 1976 1st Revised edition of the "Central Asian Sheepdog" was published in 1976
(Moscow Publishing house of DOSAAF and is adduced below **See 1976 Details. 41 Years with NO changes
3. 1982  To the group of defects referred all the diversions from the scissors like bite.
All deviations from the scissors like bite are determine as disqualification defect & require
ratings of "satisfactory"

Experts clearly indicate the Russian Version of the CAO is DIFFERENT than the CAS  Version . 

"Division by types in CAO is NOT a option, since CAO in the period of time while being bred
by the set standards,    became a producing breed , has gone through some changes and
as a rule is different from those produced in the mother land ( Turkmenistan , Uzbekistan,Kirgizia.
"Ms. Marina Gerasimova President of the Russian Federation of Working dogs,
Vice President of Russian Kynological Federation..
                                  Russian standards accepted by FCI .
            1989  The FCI breed standard was accepted into FCI in 1989
            1993  Translated into into English- German- French  This Standard is still in force.
             2000 The New Russian standard was written , for 6 years rejected by FCI
             1st input of undershot bite, never seen in 4,000 years of the breed.
Comments about the Old Russian standards & Breed Type
                                        Countries  of Origin for the Breed:
   Turkmenistan ~  Tajikistan   ~ Uzbekistan  ~  Kazakhstan ~    Afghanistan ~   
                                               Iran, Mongolia .
      Populations Outside of Russia & Native Countries Standards.
              If the country is accepted by FCI then it will follow the FCI standard.
    Almost all the Central Asian countries are NOT in the FCI family of accepted clubs YET.
                      If a FCI judge is in the USA they use the FCI Standard
            If a Russian Judge is judging OUTSIDE of Russia they use the FCI Standard
                                UKC judges use the UKC Standard