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        Translated Discussion Origins and Colors Found in the Central Asian dog.
                Author Zoran Brankovic FCI Breed Expert. Owner CAS.
    Here you will find this World Expert speak of four eye dogs and Black Mask dogs
                No "authority " has EVER said" Black Masked dogs are unpure.  "

                Problems of Formation of pedigree group of dogs Central Asian dogs.
            Suggesting from a expert Master of Science & study that the Central Asian is
                               "Pedigree group of dogs" "new factory breeding"                        
                                     Author Gorelov -Translation Steve Dakhe
                    A Must read Site dealing with the Koochee Dog oF Afghanistan.
    Need to know the truth behind traditions behind these pedigree groups of dogs.
          No other Site had a better understanding of History past - Present and future.
                                          From My Library
The Koochee Dog by A. Rasaq Qadirie - Given to me by the Author himself
Caravans & Trade Afghanistan-Frederiksen
Tournament of Shadows - Karl E Meyer
Nomads of the World
The Life History & Magic of the Dogs - Grosset & Dunlop
History of the Mastiff By Wynn Xerox Copy sent by Friend Karre Molosser World
Dogs Through History -  Riddle Met with Wife years later at ARBA
Complete History of Fighting dogs - Hamon
Complete book of dog health Kay DVM
Complete dog care maual ASPCA
Pets 1st AID Red Cross
Dog Watching By Morris
Animal Behavior by Life Magazine
History of Russia -  Lawrence
The SheepDog by Ancona
Forced Labor in the Soviet Russia - Dallin & Nicolaevsky
Russian Names for Russian Dogs  - Denlingers
Dog Watching -  Desmond Morris
Livestock Protection Dogs - Sims & Dawydiak 1st & 2nd Edition
Schutzhund Protection Training - Patterson
K-9 Structure & Terminology  - Gilbert & Brown
The Naturalist Library Volume 19 Mammallia-  Sir William Jardine
Genetics of the Dog  - Burns & Frasier
Dog Breeding  Reproduction & Genetics- S.A Asdell MA PHD
How to Breed Dogs Whitney
8 Weeks to a Helathy Dog Messonnier DVM 
The Dog  by Grosset
The Encyclopedia of dog Fogle DVM
Successfull dog showing Forsyth
Dogs for Protecton -  Flynn
The Consumers Guide to Dog Food- Palika
CAO-1998 Magazine and Russian Books Total 35.
CAO-2001 -2002 -2003
CAO-2004 -CAO-2005
CAO-2006 2 editions thus far
The Complete Guide to Dog Law- Gannon
Kuvasz a Complete & Reliable Hand Book
The World Of Dog Fighting Semenic
Complete Dog Book 19th Edition
The Dog Bible Featuring our Cozemo Bowtie
The Dog Bible Hotchener
K-9 Structure & terminlogy- Gilberts

                             Video Collection & Magazine Collection
5 Part Video Aziat 2000 Gift by the Pres of the CAO Club 2000
National Geographic 1936 Nomads of Central Asia
Passport to the New World Jan Feb 1995
Volkodav -CAO Dog Fighting
Dog Vet School Course

Quote  "The destination of these dogs must exclude the Notion Ovcharka from
their name as it does not included their essence."  T Innova CAO Magazine.
Quotes: Sir William Jardine " Turkmen Watchdogs this is a  large rugged fierce ,
color deep yellowish red among them a few white with black evidently crossed from another origin"
                  Attending Seminars .
Experts cant come here we go to them
RKF FCI Judge Mr Polinova 2003
Turkmen 1998
CAS Seminar Arba 2002 1 Hr on the breed With Zoran Brankovic
Cozemo was the BREED demo dog as the TYPICAL Central Asian dog with proper temperment.
Below Seminar on Dog Genetics Dr Fitz Animal Planet
I have traveled to Canada to meet withRasaq Qadirie many times to talk about the dogs of Central Asia .He is a walking book on the culture & dogs. Pic with Coz relatives France
After this show I took the President of RKF Revaz to meet with the Pres of AKC for the later acceptance Black Russian Terrier . Had lunch with them at Jane's.  2 days with them was a great learning experience
                                               RKF  Expert Visitors to FoxFire 99-06
            06 Zhitkova          04 Brankovic     06 Zhitkova   03 Polionova    01 Khomarzhra
                                         FCI  Experts DR. Di Lorenzo-Imbimbo-Asensi   01-6
Reference Material
Our 10 yrs study of the breed .
We will never end our quest for knowledge

             part of my extensive libary
tripto slovakia, animal planet , tv
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