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We specialize in the Ancient type of Central Asian Shepherd dog . 
           Family dogs that work with other dogs, cats, livestock and big families.   
Runs in the family FF Kim Possible & MOM FF JLo Looks Outs                  
                           Our Mission StatementTo Preserve vs change or improve: 
Adding 2013 , NO we don't breed for 'pets? housands of pet dogs die every day in the USA.  You want a pet go to the pound, save a life.   If more breeders bred for function & not the pet market. The shelters would not be full. . I worked in SPCA when I was a kid. When they used gas chambers.. I watched them walk ttheir last walk. So excuse my bluntness regarding proper breeding ethics... Most all the rescue issues come from Pet people who buy a dog bred to work , When the dog kicks back to function vs sitting on a couch. They don't know what to do and their backyard breeders don't either . So we breed for the original purpose of the breed family pack oriented working dogs.. Yet most of our dogs do function in the family guardian role. Each litter has different temperaments , so we test for it and make matches..   
 We practice STRICT Natural Selection in our breeding .   Which we  have based on old world working lines_ not show lines or fighting lines.      We have selected 4 Generations of correct guardian temperaments.      They are guardians first & foremost .      We have refused to change to meet the insane requirements of the show world.      By adapting our methods of handling ,choosing  venues/judges that prefer working dogs.                                                      
                                                                                  Our breeding decisions are based on performance not ribbons.       

AkBel 1963                                                                Princess Ali . 2000                               FF Gandy 2009
                                   Ali is  5 generation pedigree working titled dog from aboriginal lines .Only one in USA
                                                     Before the breed was changed in the last  15 years.
                       She is the base of our line with 3 outcross males. Certified Excellent FCI RKF Polinova
                                     Her generations  have taken on Cougar, Bear, & Car jackers .   
                                Yet in the modern world she would be discarded for not being a show dog.


Naturally protective or trained protective?              
     Natural stable pack oriented guardian temps are being selected away from. Instead aggression is being marketed as protective.
                   Real CAS do not need training to protect they need socialization to understand not all strangers are "threats"
               Dogs being promoted as Protection dogs , being trained to protect are modern CAO not CAS. 
               Testing a dogs natural ability is NOT the same as training the dog on weekends to understand what a REAL threat is.
                         Or training the dog to be stable? No such thing-  Training does not replace good judgement..
                                         What happens to their own judgement when you are NOT there?  
                                                                Warning    Other web sites:?
                                                     So yes we broke the Mafia Code Of  Silence . We stand up for the dogs this results in enemies.
                                      Special note anyone can file a FAKE complainant about their competition., 
                                        Rip off wants 3j to remove a fake report about me made from a fake email. that is Extortion...
                     We sent a DNA challenge to UKC for a crossbred Litter of Central Asian Shepherds bred iby maxomagic reg as purebred.
                                   We won the challenge and  now the breeders friends stalks us trying to hide the truth by creating drama
                                                            Rant breeding for the show ring first                                                         
                                       All this past CHANGE to other breeds have proven time & time again _to ruin working breeds. 
                                 Inbreeding to recreate a Champion has  created the most serious genetic diseases today's.  
                                         Yet these same dogs_ carriers or affected themselves are Top  STUNNING show dogs.                                       
                                                             Resulting in over breeding despite genetic disorders .
                                             Show breeders set up newbies who are TOTALLY ignorant with the same affected stock -                                    
            Thus creating a Pyramid scheme  in which the truth is hidden .   Massive coverups are a answer to a inherited genetic issue..
                                                        Yet we find excuses NOT to breed a dog not the other way around.  
                                  FoxFire does NOT breed for fancy spotted dogs, or for show friendly dispositions or massive size.
                 Dog shows are not evil,  breeders who care about only winning a dog show sacrifice the dogs natural ability in the process
                                          We show 3-4 X a year to show our dogs are stable in public and working dogs can beat show dogs.
                                                Being the best of the best has made us many a enemy but much more admirers.                                    
                  We started 15 years ago by  importing "WORKING Stock"  vs show dogs. Boy that pissed quite a few people.                                                                                                We used spay & neuter  to substitute natural selection & culling .
                    We adhered to the working standard & bred for the  'strong distrust of strangers , must be amendable to handling" .                                                  
                A must is - allowing natural selection to weed out the weakest.   We do not use modern science to correct what nature selected against.
                                              Dog cant work or needs surgery to breed or whelp we do NOT breed the dog.
                                                      Our ultimate goal to alter as little as possible a group of dogs.
                                                  That were created through natural selection thousands of years ago .
                                                   Thus preserving & maintaining vs. altering the dog of legends.                                                  

                                                             Simply if it aint broke why fix it or in the USA "improve"?  
                                                                                Mr & Mrs Vincenzo De Palma    
                                       Hatred is gained as much by good works as by evil ~ Unknown


 A very big general problem in human vanity & a number of other defects which force many to do it so, that end in itself becomes glory, money, general envy, & sufferings of competitors, instead of preservation of the true qualities of the breed"  Sergey Knyuzev, the professor of faculty of animal husbandry & genetics as it applies to the Central Asian Shepherd dog

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          World Champion Teddy 2007
              UKC/USA  Canadian 
        Mexican-Latin Amercian-             International     CGC-TDI- PH
         Only US World Champion 
Princess ali on guardl
Cleos mom Blaze
1950 CAS dog look s like kim huh
fff kim
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100 new pics in gallery

by Jeannine DePalma on 08/02/11

Working on website , need to add page for Slovakia trip i took. Pics will be out of order due to computer issues this year

updated: 4/5/2015
Our dogs do stuff 
USA World Champion
FoxFire Pebbles
God sends us Angels in form of dogs to guide us thru a hard life.
                   Offering us comfort and peace.
But they must return to god so they can be resent to another .
                                      Jeannine De Palma
                                      Princess Ali 2000-2011
                                     FoxFire is closed for calls until 
                                      Ali ashes return home.
photo in mag
Working Dogs
updating 4/5/2015
Public Behavior
     FF Pack dogs, cats

                            Notice how the OLD working dogs resemble the colors of the OLDEST known Sheep?
        Karakuls are the oldest known natural breed of sheep from Central Asia. Dated to the same time of the CASDogs
                       They have BLACK face & range in colors from Gray- Brown, Red - Born Black  _ NO WHITE.
                            Now would a  white dog with  load spots = to a Dalmatian stick out just a tad ? , 
                        Much easier target for the poachers/thieves and predators to see_   YOU THINK!!!
           We breed natural colors , we do not SELECT working dogs based on color ,we leave that for the show folk.
         Can you see the Wolf  saying  HEH doggie you are not a popular show style- so it will be ok if we eat the sheep ?
            Note dogs below are smooch monsters just when engaged after something you see the funny side. 

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                                                     USA Breed Founder Established 1996 
Only Licenced Judge in the USA based . Based on our 20 years of performance work with the Central Asian Shepherd. 
Reactive dog trainer, CGC Tester , US Leading EXPERT 
Retired rescue 1978 to 2014 Visit new Rescue contact  .  \

Note when you are successful in the world of dogs you have very little time for social media. 
                  UpdatingApril may 2015 
Due to our many judging assigments in 2014 and 2015 including Premier
​we have very little time for social media chatting and groups.
We will publish a list of approved breeders shortly.

FF BAM BAM Dogs of Legend
Working today age 11Years
FF Ollie saves moms old cat from Coyote see facebook under FFBos pic
F Lucian vs the Bear & Coyote see ref
FF Sasha Stops Break in
FF Kim takes 1st Rally title for breed
FF Sehna donates blood to save dog
FF Khun tells bullies back off.
FF Goldie saves owner from Scorpion 
FF Benny alerts to 1st Black Bear 
FF Fezz saves owner from Bear -
FF Nem Stops Looters after Tornado
FF Badger No Robbery in crime spree
FF Soldier wins at Tough Dog 
FF Marcus stops Car jackers
FF Max Protects horses from Predator
. FF Taro stops bear in logging camp
FF J-lo brother stops burglar