FoxFire FARMS PERFORMANCE Central Asians    Established 1996                                                        
                 Jeannine & Vincenzo De Palma is far from your typical Central Asian dog breeder.
  Unlike those breeding for just 1 purpose  & ignoring all form or function. 
The De Palmas prefer to focus on breeding the CASD as a True PERFORMANCE dog a TOTAL DOG.
FoxFire has won World, Regional & National Champion titles in every circuit consecutively since 98.
Beating all US & Import World Champion competition. 
                 Yet the real honor is the reminders of the lives they have saved.
The De Palma's one day will be remembered for bringing the breed to the forefront of the USA Dog Fancy.                        
By  retaining aboriginal bloodless that would otherwise be ignored by the modern breeders.
Sound  minds ,bodies & even temperaments are constants through the FoxFire's tapestry of performance
dominated bloodlines they are focusing on.     Believing that performance is the heart of the CASD.
                  FoxFire's  program focuses  on form to function , conformational attributes & user friendly dispositions.
                              They utilize traditional working bloodlines taken right off the working plains.
                                           All  FoxFire dogs are the best un related CAS working dogs .
                   Genetically & temperament tested & rated against the working standard by Russian Experts.(RKF)
   Since they feel it is detrimental to any small gene pool such as the CASD to start a breeding program based on inbreeding to one dog. 
                   Thus this outcross program by the De Palmas have produced much of the original size, color, structure & temperament
                                                of the ORIGINAL dogs of Central Asia vs the new breed emerging as a show dog.
                               The future is bright for the aboriginal DOGS of Central Asia thanks to the dedication of the  De Palmas.
                                                                                            Deputy Chief Hildbrand


updated 2/7/2013
                  In the 16 years of owning, working ,loving ,researching this breed 
                      FoxFire has earned the  #1 name in USA for the breed. 
               They have done it all and set the bar and the way CASD are breed
                                      As featured in the new Dog Bible 
They have had visits from Turkmen , Russian judges & natives of Central Asia.
Jeannine got the breed accepted by UKC in 2000 bred the 1st UKC champion in 2002. 
Owner bred handled the 1st UKC Grand Champion.
Their dogs are working & protecting new CAS owners thru out the USA as evident by the many happy references .
Mrs. De Palma founded the US National Provisional Breed Club that took the breed UKC and AKCFSS
to preserve the breed.  Her unwavering ethics in keeping the breed as a working pack oriented group of dogs
was the first of its kind. Despite heavy oppostion she succeded. 
This caused a serious division of working vs show breeders in the CAS as well as the CO.
She made history when she obtained a herd of Karakul's sheep. This breed hails from the same areas as the dogs do.
She is the only US breeder who removes dogs from her breeding program who do not retain the correct working temperament.
New working line imported by J DePalma with her trips to Slovakia
Coz came with  a referral by breed expert, Mr. Rasaq Qadirie.        We wish to thank him for all his help!.
              Ali was a direct import from Uzbekistan before the breed was changed, Dr C bred Bear from a old security lines.

Goals:       We did it  2009 To breed the Total WORKING dog. Healthy ,Loving, Protective family dogs.
      To promote the breed we love in a responsible manner . Thus insuring their future
          ULTIMATE Goal is to leave something behind that will be remembered forever.   
We believe in quality vs quantity & dont breed often- CASD's are  the perfect dogs for us.
                                                  One Breed One love.
Our Pups: WORK WORK WORK as Predator control dogs,   Estate & Family guardians . 
Our dogs are bred as family guardians 1st & everything else 2nd.
Litters: We have had 17 reserved litters in 15 years.

"The Gift which I am sending you is called a dog & is in fact the most precious & valuable possession of mankind"    Theordorus Gaza

                How can a Guardian dog protect you if they are kenneled?
                                    Answer they Can NOT
All FoxFire Dogs live within a Pride that includes daily HUMAN-Dog Interaction.
             Essential in molding a dogs mind is daily human contact.

About me today
Jeannine De palma visits Slovakia, shows a little, ride bikes, visits great people brings back great new bloodlines
Click here for our many flockguardians
FoxFires Lines are exclusively selected for performance!
Our life in General
Last is structure soundness at it relates to the standard. Showing a dog is a education process most lack in their resume. Only breeder with FCI RKF World Champion dogs
Our statistics are  the highest in the breed in the USA. Our user friendly dogs allow total novices to take a try at dog showing.And our extensive health and temperament screening is why we will remain Number One!!
No better friend and protector of the family
                                               Mrs. Jeannine De Palma ~ Resume   41 yrs My personal picture resume
We have the first of everything for the breed please visit our Stats page.
We are not dog breeders , we are a serious hobbyist.
Hobbies are not meant to make a profit they are meant to excel at something, which we do.
Certified Dog Trainer Public 2013
Award Rescue:        Age 12 , North Show Animal league
Rescue:                   35 Plus years all breed- 17 years CAS -   Total over 209 dogs
Temperament Tester: AKC certified CGC Tester #387 Decoy 2011
4-H                         K9 Program (7 years)
Founder:                 Central Asian Shepherd Society of America got the breed into UKC.
Founder:/Sponsor             Molosser Olympics 03/06
Show Handler: 2002        OF Esquire Caucasians,
Judge:                    UKC, ABI, MOLOSSER  4-h Showmanship 2003-2011
Odd Jobs from age 16-21,  Dog walker, Vet assist, retail, North Shore animal league
Bay Club event promotions 1985 1988
Fred the Furrier , Demo Model floor room reception
Retired Loss Prevention Investigator -1991-1999
Dog breeder Number 1 1999-Present
World Dog show winner 2007
Dog Groomer, Petco MGR 2006- 2009
1st US bred Total dog 2010
1st Only US breeder handler Total dog 2010
Wife : 20 years 2011
Zumba Gold teacher 2011
Decoy work 2011
Appeared Animal Planet 2011

jeannine depalma judge
CGC,Service dog Certified ,Therapy dogs certified  Note not all CAS can do this
All Foxfire dogs are tested for Protection after they are worked in Obedience & tested for stability.
46 TV and public appearances is a different type of performance add
By selecting a working dog we got the 1st & ONLY US bred  Central Asian Shepherd total dogs,          
Old Research link
Obedience                                                         Rally
Agile , powerfull, dogs - Agilty,
Dock Diving Kim video next ~             Power ~                                       Take a Bike ride
Hiking, Camping. Hunting guardians + Mountain Climbing
Lure Coursing?,
FoxFire Farms EST:1997  716 751 6927
Po Box 206   Wilson,NY Niagara County
But in the end they like to wrestle and love more than anything else
Weight Pull NOT photo shopped she pulled 800 pounds