Personal note from Jeannine De Palma
                        I am truly blessed with great puppy buyers who have become good friends .
                       And I have learned with great success ,comes critics & dog politics. 
              Yet the only critics that matter are the too are the owners themselves . 
         Note, I am going to make mistakes I am human, not every dog is going to be perfection.
I do not want this page to give the impression, that I  perfect.  I am not , perfection is rarely achieved in a dog or human. But if we make this out daily goal to seek perfection in our dogs, our breeding's, our pups & ourselves, we make get one step closer to breeding the best dog possible .    
The difference you see so evident in this page ( guestbook)is that we stay in touch with our buyers.
To make sure the  puppy and later dog always has a happy home.                                                           
  FoxFire Difference:
You have in your arms today -A puppy who was born in my hands. 
A puppy  who felt my heart beat as I held it ,who only knows LOVE from the 1st moments. 
A pup that will stampede if you yell PUPPPPPIES real high & open your arms for a puppy embrace
You own part of me , part of my reason for breeding.
The breed has no where near as  high of self preservation as I do for my pups.

So with this in mind please, do not get upset when I ask tons of questions's , hand you a application (maybe this breed is NOT for you), insist on spay (late)for pets. 
Call you to check on the dogs progress or to wish the puppy Happy Birthday Or Merry Xmas. 
If this is too much for you and all your want is to buy and leave it at that-please by all means look else where..
We keep in touch not only with our  breeding prospects but all our working pets as well.
Which is why we are the only USA breeder with updates on every litter ever breed.
I have many great owners and a few not so great including the one that burned a puppy with ignorance and then redirected her  guility feelings on me. Another has a 9 year old dog from me in which he wanted to breed to a dog that produced serious genetitc disease and the owner spents years trying to kill her self.  So I can not guarantee that  one day a dog of mine will not be in rescue. But so far 10 years all I do is RESCUE dogs from EVERY US breeder.
If my dogs every get abused or dumped after I secure their safety I will hunt you down.
Personally feel anyone who abuses a dog should be given the chance to be on the receiving end of the pain.

New twist Old Saying - If you love them let them go if they don't come back they are happy,
if they are dumped  RESCUE them &  HUNT down the  owner.

NOTE i AM AWARE OF THE  FAKE   REPORTS ONLINE . My stalkers are bad breeders be it CAS or CO breeders. thats Ok, real people leave real names , Those websites all anyone to leave a report, with no form of verification.  One report is correct i kept half a deposit when a client lied
on his application,

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We have 21 clients with 2 or more dogs from us,FF dogs are the best in the USA
Note ,most of FF clients are now on facebook they share pics, videos, and tell us how happy they are every day . When i travel i often stop by visit the dogs remember me.

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