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                       Must have Fencing!!!!!
        Underground Fencing does NOT work.
  Do not let them Off leash,Without training .                    

Jeannine De Palma. Po Box 206 Wilson NY 14172
                      716 751 6927
                                                      Pre Application Screening Form. 
                                                            Best Viewed with google chrome.
Step 1 Read Litter Info page.
Step 2 Fill out this pre application call us or we all you. Pls allow time for return calls .  716 751 6927 NO texts for info. 
Step 3 We will spend some time on the tel to determine if we match up .
Step 4 We will send out a  Dvd, will ask you for address via email. You call us when you viewed it. If we are a match in dog love.
Step 5 Application will be sent with required references. Address infomation check is performed..
Step 6 Application is approved or denied.        We no longer take applications from strangers after pups are born. 
Step 7 A Dep is taken via check or Paypal to hold your place in this year or next years litters. Deposits are NON refundable but transferable.
Step 7B If we take your deposit and you lied to us , withheld vital information, or are shopping for cheap deal , brokering 
 We will refuse to sell you a pup and reserve the right to keep the deposit or refund half of it.
Step 8 We spend more time as pups are born and we find out which one is best for you.
Step 9 Pups are born, after I pick my picks, we go in order of deposits who came in first. Many times people will ask us to move dep to next litter due to changes in households.  You will get many videos and pics daily if you are on facebook. Weekly by email or texting.
10.  After pup is picked you payment for pup in full minus shipping expenses is due 3 weeks before pups aer shipped out between agines 9 to 11 weeks. Pups leave according to weather and how their temperament are develping during the crucial fear periods that occur at 7 to 9 wks.
11. Extensive information about potty training, obedience training and diet is provided to you.
12. You are expected to keep us updated on the pups and dogs progress for the life of the dogs. Pics are expected. Videos are to die for.

       If you fit any of the following categories please do not fill out this pre app.
                                        We do not sell to the following :

1. Apartments, Condos, trailer parks.
2. if you need a penis extension by getting a big guard dog , 
3. Anyone that would consider dumping any dog in a shelter.
4. Anyone who owns or has owned a pet store that sells pups.
5. Puppymillers, Brokers, backyard breeders, hoarders. Bi Polar .. 
6. Dads who want to buy pups for kids they left behind in divorce.
7. Husband or wives that do not get the primary care taker to approve..
8. Xmas or birthday gifts without pre approval from both parties.
9. Anyone who ties dogs out in yards as junk yard dogs.
10. Anyone who would resell, give away or dump our pups.
11. Who refuse to listen to our expert advice than can result in serious injury to the pup.
12. Irresponsible people. Our definition of this is: Is one or more of the following.
Writing bad checks to anyone, changing tel numbers vs paying your tel bill, having parties in homes you didn't pay rent, Not being able to afford quality dog food , Having leins on your
pay checks due to lack of ability to pay your bills. 

We do not sell breeding stock to the following if you wish to keep your dog intact . 
You must agree to the following:

1. Breeders who wish to cross our dogs with Alabai lines or breeders who crossbreed.
2. Breeders who do not wish to continue our line with excellence,"all cerfs".
3. To breeders who cant or wont rescue their own dogs.
4. Breeders that wish to bred to any US Maxomagic dog , that carries the health issues from
Ezon, or Any Slobody Russian bred dog. 
5. 2013 I no longer sell breeding dogs to people who are not a educated dog fancier. 

1. Provide references and a home visit if possible.
2. I understand that is I ever dumped a dog in the shelter that you do not meet our requirements.
3.To return dog to us if it needs a home , that the dog is never to be resold of given away.
And that I you will be sued if you dump our dog in a shelter or a street. In other words dump my dogs I  will HUNT U DOWN after I save the dog!!
4. I will read and agree on how to contact us form...  .
5.We retain the rigth to refuse any application. 
6.I understand i need fencing to give proper exercise and safety for the a FF dog.

Please read our lifetime guarantee , read & click YES 
Due to 2011 computer crash our contracts are being redone from scratch.

Please read FAQ 1999 new one coming..

Please read this temperament link. VIP

Please read 10 reasons not to own a Central Asian shepherd Club Link

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