2013   -  2010 FoxFire News
                     Simply the best
Most pictures are updated on facebook daily.
March - April Breeding 2 litters.
Feb : Updating Web Site
Jan: New Karakull ewes born twins . Took Kim to AKC show meet the breeds

Dec: We did it!!! FF is the number 1 for the 13th year in a row
Nov: I get rally title for FF spice. Presented award for top rally dog.
Oct I go to Nj before Super Storm Sandy to help FF client .
I get stuck there for a few days in the middle of the storm
All Summer i judged Rally for abidogshows.
August FF gandy x FF ice Litter is born. FF tank passes age 11
FF Primo passes ATTS TT. FF Primo gets rally title.
July FF gandy and spice are dumped here. Went to Fund raiser FF kim.
June. FF Saber wins the top ten , FF primo wins total dog at premier
and group 1 total Dog grey hound club,  Went to spca fund raiser.
May I get certified as a Dog trainer.  Kim Pulls 900 pouns in Weight Pull.
FF porsha group 1 UKC , New Canadian Champion.
April I attend UKC judges Seminar. I See FF Taj win BIS with Sydney
an I take a grp 2 with FF willow..
March Kim Passed her therapy dog test
Feb: FF bella gets loose at another clients house pet amber alert issue
2012 Jan Vinny got diabetes thus we are back logged.
Jan: FF buffy litter x FF primo is born

Dec:2011   FF gandy is the 51sth Health Certification for Foxfire FF Saber wins his 12th BIS!!!!
World Record 2012 Next big news.
Nov: FF Spice and FF Gandy pass the ATTS test
New owners FF Krissy + repeat client Stella/gene New Client David. Updated all pages.
Oct: Finished filming Animal planet episode , Gp 3 4 - Best Jr for FF Porsha
FF Spice gets OFA good our 48 cerf Penn hip score passing knees
Raised dog food for the local Spca, sponsored dog spca. thanks Kevin for gift
Sept: FF porsha bred owned handled by me BIS jr rbIs jr, 2 grp 2 with 11 adults in group .
new Jr  champion. FF family saves their dogs from a bad client who burned buddy.
New litter born 5 pups FF kim to FF primo Link new gallery
August: New UKC Champs FF Porsha - FF Buddy , New Total dog New rally title UKC CH FF primo ,New rally title ff gandy high score in trial 99,Atts & CGC pass FF saber , FF palang, plus ofas for them and ff Sheeba.FF owner has stroke rehomed 2 dogs they later pass atts test with new angel twilla.
July: FF Spice + FF Kim pass their CGC tests, they try dock diving and agilty
FF gandy goes Grp 1  12 dogs in group UKC erin ` I  judged abi dog show.  Video
June: FF Tank, Precious , Pebbles, Bam  old dogs get patellas cerfs all pass.
FF astrid gets ofa good - clear patellas -cleared cerf. I become a zumba instruter
FF Gandy wins the top ten defending his number 1 status, only CaS to do this .
May: FF Primo gets hips shoulder patellas thry all cleared making him the nost health certified CAS in the USA,' ~Anti Puppymill rally ,Bros wedding, rescue rally
Saved FF buddy with burn and HOD from assholes.
April I go to slovakia bring back new dog . i showed him in Euro show .Seeiing more cas then any other us breeder at one time. Met some great people. I lost Cozemo this month he died in my arms. IM not ready to post his last pics. new page slovakia
March FF kim gets her hips/elbows cleared. FF astrid Group 1 NC classic total dog uro1.
Did rescue run brought a chazzer their new dog adopted.
Feb: Hard work with 2 litters born jan. Sabers gets his 8th BIS UKC confirms he is top winning dog of all time. Rescue run for chazzer
Jan : Ali our oldest dog passes away after i return from saving another maxomagic rescue.  FF is number One for the 12th Year in a row.

Nov ATTS tt with KIM
Oct Guard dog test FF Bo , New Grand Bo , Grp 1 BO
Fake call into animal control by mafia to stop me from showing pup.
Sept High in Trial with kim, Total dog for FF Gandy and RBIS
August my first Total dog with FF kim, grp 2 adult FCI FF Primo
Judged Shiloh Nationals
July the month of Hell stalkers galore.
After we get the first US bred Total dog Premier dog show
BIS Jr FF Primo
June  BIS Jr FF primo
<May. Judged Rare breed
FF Primo BIS Jr.
March FCI BIS pup FF primo
2011 Tallys
Health tests 20
TT 6
Champions 4
BIS -Adult 3
BIS Jr 1/ 2 RBIS
Rescue work 5
Our rehomes 2
3 in danger saved
Rally 1
Total dogs 2
Litters 3-    7 8 5
Lett smiling came back screamingstarted treatment to save him

This page was last updated: February 4, 2013
2012 Tallys
Health tests 7
CGC 1  TI 1
TT 1
Champions 2
Grand 1
BIS -Adult 7
Rescue work 7
Our rehomes 2
Rally 2
Total dogs 2
Litters 2
2013 Tallys
Health tests 2
Rescue work 1
Our rehomes 1

Total dogs
Guard dog 1
                                2010 FoxFire News
           It was the best of time it was the worse of times.                      I survived the worse stalking ever
          2011 Trip to Hungary bring back new line. Great times , lost Coz he died in my arms. Appeared On anmal planet .
          2012 Vinny got diabetes. Life changed