jJust some of the rescues in the US from Imported parents & breeders.

called for help never called back
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Please 3 R's Reduce - Rescue -      Research BEFORE you buy
     We have rescued dogs from every USA Breeder for 15 Yrs!!!
                                                                      10 Reasons Not To Own the Breed.
A 1.  Barking This Breed are nocturnal barkers. Females bark much more than males.
This is a big problem for people who keep dogs in yards at nite... vs in home
Did you know your town could fine you ,if your dog barks for more than 15 minutes during certain times?
2.  Shedding. Once a Year they blow a coat that is politely called a FUR STORM.
3.  Size. Males 100-150-lbs allot of dog to take care of. My males don't fit in a normal size car.
   Allot of dog to have around family members they may not understand BIG Dog Mentality.
4.  Fencing.Secured Fencing this breed needs Minimum 6 foot chain link , stockade ,field fencing with
   hot wire.     Underground, 4ft,split rail Simply is NOT good enough
5.  Bad Start. Founded in sheer numbers in 1995 by a later convicted Puppymiller Anna Frumina. azam, rusdog,mky,mom.
Many dogs were bred by the hundreds with no health,  or quality control ( some mutts sold as Purebreds).
Thus the vast majority of people in this breed are backyard breeders set up by her .
Commitment- Are you ready for the 10 plus year commitment for this breed. Money ?, fencing time?
  Not for the Novice dog owner , Above Average dog for above  Average owner.
7. Hip Dysphasia is Genetic BIG Dog inherited disease . All Parents must be screened & info passed on to buyers.
New russian alabai are bigger and have more issues like Elbow and shouler issues and heart issues. 200 lbs range of new breed Alabai
8   Behavior: Severe difference in temperaments due to huge variance in breed types in this breed..
Traditional Livestock Nomadic lines great family dogs for USA. predicable, Lives well in alpha  Packs. 
New Factory bred created dog fighting lines.  Due to BSL not great for USA, Unpredictable ,
Solitary kennel life  dogs bred from factory fighting lines are not suitable for US Families.
Don't judge the whole breed by the 1 type. VISIT your Breeder!!
But if you don't have the patience to learn the difference between the good the bad & the UGLY in this breed .
Please do NOT buy this breed. Not easily trainable for high level of Obedience.
9.   Digging . Like flower beds or nice lawns. No more this breed loves to DIG
10. The fact that I even had to put this page up shows you we are not doing so good.
                                                              10 Reasons To Own The  Breed -
1-2 Healthier than most breeds due to less inbreeding thus they live longer. 
3- Naturally Protective ,no training need, socialization required.
4. The most loving Cat like Human like breed Ive ever met.
5-6 Agile & Powerful for such a X-large breed.
7  Make great best friends
8. Easy care free coat.
9. Loving and affectionate-.10.Not Aloof or Hyper- Wolf like pack behavior.
10.  Something different once you go Central Asian no going back
          10 Reasons NOT to buy from Backyard-Commerical-Broker-(some) imported breeders

1.    Lack of Screening of Hip Dysphasia and any other diseases.  ACL Repairs & HD Surgery can cost thousands.
2.    Forging of Paper Work. No DNA or Tattoo Or Mircochipping is most common, or not matching.
3.    Not responsible for the dog if is only a broker. They can NOT be sued if the dog is NOT bred by them.
4.    Lack of socialization. Any breeder that sells puppies to a middle man is NOT a breeder at all.
      Thus puppies are Not given the crucial socialization at a time in their life they need it most.
      Gamble -Buying from a Broker is like pulling the lever of slots see what you get.
6.    BIG HIGH expense for shipping due to Euro dollar can be more than the pup itself.
      What happens if the dog needs to go back? If it cost $1,000 to ship a 8 weeks old puppy .
      How much will it cost to ship a 1 Year old 130lb dog that you do not want any more.
7.    Lack of enforceable guarantee's- How will you sue someone for a sick pup  in Europe?
8.    Help ? A breeder should be available to you  24-7.     Where will the broker/bad breeder  be when the dog gets sick?
      Do they even give you a address or a telephone that you can speak to a English speaking person?
9.   What happens when the unexpected hits home? Will you ship the dog back to a breeder you do not trust? So far away?
10.  Due to in decrease of working breeders & increase of show - fighting breeders .  How safe will your family & dogs be ??

                                                                                Warning Brokers Disguise themselves as Breeders.
These brokers - breeders have deals with the Big Commercial kennels like a pyramid scheme.
Ask how many litters a year this breeder has that you are buying threw the broker??
So they get good pups from their partners for FREE as along as they continue to market their pups for them.
You have NO legal remedy with a broker technically if they don't own the female but IMPORT for you.

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