Ancient Dogs of Legend ~  Shepherd Dogs of Central Asia                                                                                                   Many Names ~ Many Breed Varieties-Natural Breeds
Countries of Origin:  Central Asian Republics listed below as well as Parts of Iran, Mongolia, Siberia,
                  Adopted Country of Origin - Russia due to the Former USSR Occupation of the Central Asia.
                        Native Names/Types: Reg in many parts of Central Asia as_ Central Asian Shepherds
                        Alabai- Alabay- Tobet- chef"erds Dogs- Volkodav-Alach-Dakhmarda-Sage Koochee Dog
                        Russian Names/Types: RKF Registered as Sredneasiatskia Ovtcharka -NON RKF reg. 
                        Mid/Middle Asian Ovcharka ( Prior 1993) Translated to Central Asian Ovcharka-
                           Historical Names: Asiatic Mastiff- Turkmenian Watch dog. Turkmen Wolfhound
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The Central Asian Shepherd dog (CASD) are a natural protective breed.
                                                  That requires a non stop observance for the life of the dog.
Introduction: The CASD's are are said to be the oldest known group of dogs in existence today.
Dating back over 5,000 years as per Artifacts found in native lands ,see above statue.
Unlike most breeds today they are not man made or created by any specific reason or country.  
They were created by the climate and culture of a uncivilized time long forgot. You will find different
breed types depending on the terrain from the mountains of Mongolia to the deserts of the Kara Kum.
Their history is merged with the civilization of man & their timeline can be found by tracing the history
of the ancient silk route. To understand their past history you must understand a time when surviving
one day against extreme climates, predators now extinct &d invading tribes was a goal not easily done.  
Today you will find Nomadic tribes using this pedigree groups of dogs to guard what they hold sacred,
their family and their ancient form of transportation, be it Camel or horses.
Wrongly classified as traditional Livestock guardians , they are territorial guardians bred to guard
people & their possessions. They seek out human attention , thus bonding with their humans 1st &
the flock 2nd.  They guard what ever is place in their perceived territory.
Superb  pack oriented predator control
dog , A Cat in Dogs clothing. X-large not Giant but agile,  problem solving smart, attentive &
affectionate naturally protective of all they call their own.   
A kindred spirit from a time long forgot.                      
                            Quick Breed Facts Based on the Aboriginal Type CAS .
Name:          Central Asian Shepherd Dog USA - Central Asia ** known names see above
Created by : Natural Selection   - NON Man Made - Thus many regional old & new varieties.
No other breeds used in its creation.
How Old?:     History- Dates back over 5,000 years untouched in many native areas
Countries of Origin :  Former Soviet Republics
Size:          Males 100-160lbs - Females 90-125lbs Average
Height:       Min  26" for males,  Average 30 inches , Min for Females 24' , Average 27"
Coat:          Double Coated - Well Developed Under Coat
Longevity:  10-15 years average - records set at age 17 years/
Weather Tolerance: Excellent with extreme cold & hot climates (dry only)
They get this tolerance from years of exposure to the Kara Kum Desert & Siberia
Does NOT do well in Humid weather.
Features:    Loose skin, cropped & docked , dewlap 2nd Only to the Spanish Mastiff.
  X large Head, Bone, Square bodies, NON Drooling
Grooming:   Minimum . Care is only needed during blowing of coat.
Shedding :  Max Shedding during season Change "Blowing Coat 1-2 a year" min shedding daily
Colors:        Black-White-Yellow- Gray- Red-Tan-Piebald's . Brindles, Speckled
Liver is out of the New RKF standard -faulted with pigment in the UKC standard.

Function Original: - A Non stationary guardian dog of people and livestock.
NOT a traditional Flockguardian- protects its owner & its belongings be it 'mobile or stationary
Functions during the Cold War: Factory Guardians in the former Society Union
Functions Modern:   Unsurpassed Ranch Guardian-Flockguardian for levels of higher predation-
Behavior:   Protective- Interactive ,Social & playful within the family unit. Cat like movements,
suspicious with a strong distrust of strangers and strange animals.
Accepting of strangers when properly introduced, will extend the members of the inter family unit to
include inlaws & close friends...
Display Factors: Will warn 1st more growl vs a bark that will make your hair stand on end , than posture,
if you do not heed the warning the dog will protect by tooth butting- knocking you down , they do
NOT grip or hold when they do bite.
Objective: Is to make the threat go away Not to destroy it-. Not many step pass this point.
Training: Very mindful of the owners feelings , Low prey drive, harsh training methods should not be
used,     Giving tons of love earns the dogs respect thus makes the bond stronger.
Problematic Behaviors: Diggers, Barkers comes alive at nite, females bark much more than males.
Intact male to male dog dominance.
Possessive  _ My house _ My cats_ My mommy_ My horses, My car, My land MINE MINE MINE! & will
let strangers know by appearance that they protect all they call there OWN .
Can open doors, problem solving smart.
Natural Behaviors: Submissive to owners , Non challengingly to the family -loves to give the paw,
adapts best to routines," cat like in hunting & playing, females are hunters,Prefer to eat in your company
so will curl up within eye shot.  Very Harsh Play between pack mates
NOT a CLINGY Breed yet Not aloof,seeks daily interaction with humans but not a Velcro dog.
When find a high spot when outside to over see your and the property.
Should NOT be allowed to mark property away from its main area , otherwise it extends its territory.
Should NOT be allowed to be the only flock guardian 24-7 with livestock etc. Needs adult mentor to make a
good flock guardian will protect the territory in which the goats are against all  threats 2 & 4 legged
Other Dogs: -Yes  If raised with them, Intact male to male dominance can occur . 
Cats:- Great if raised with them.  But understand this if you raise them around YOUR Cats
it does NOT mean that they are safe around all cats. If they feel their pride of Cats-Dogs etc are being
threatened they will protect .
Other Animals:-    Very calm around livestock- Great for high strung Horses, not great around Chickens
Health Concerns:- Hip Dysphasia, Entropian- Saggy Eye Lids, Improper cropping/ear infections,
Over dosing on Anesthia. Diet/Vaccine related Concerns: Pano-HOD- .
Requirements:-  Good Fencing ( more to keep people out than the dog in)  Nice size Yard, Proper
exercise for the 1st 2 years to mature correctly. Does NOT attempt to go threw fencing . 
However some dogs are sneaky,  if they find a weakness under the fence they will crawl under anything. 
And they will watch you fix the fence and test it immediately after.
Best Owner: That will succeed with this breed: Assertive, Strait forward, Loving , Expressive and Intelligent-
NOT for 1st time Dog owners- Take charge owners with a complete understanding of innate natural guarding behavior.   A owner who wants a pierce of history thus changes their ideas of dog ownership to meet this breed
, vs trying to change or train out over 5,000 years of working history.
Best Analogy: You order a Steak Raw, it comes back Well Done, you eat it or scream at the waitress ,
or eat the steak because you are not upfront enough to correct a mistake in public _this is not the breed for
you. But if you tell the waitress please get me another steak or take it off my bill- is the best owner of this breed. 
                                                         Misnomers WRONG INFO-
1. The Caucasian Ovcharka ( CO)  and Central Asian Ovcharka (CAO)or the CAS are the Same breed.
    NO they are NOT - 2 different breeds 2 different temperaments.
A. Are they the same in temperament ?
    NO they are NOT..
2. The breed is native to Russia.
    NO Origins lie in all of Central Asian Republics that once fell under the Former Soviet Union.
3 All Central Asian Dogs are FCI Registered.
    NO the Aboriginal dogs bred in Central Asia have NOT joined FCI yet .
   All Former USSR dogs were also NOT FCI registered to the Mid 90's
4. This breed is "Naturally Healthy" thus  "no reason for Genetic screening".
   NO. Another Con job . All dog have inherited Genetic Disease. Ask for a OFA Clearance of the
   Penn Hip Laxity , number assigned to that dog tested.                               
5.  "Black Mask is faulted" No  the standards clearly show this is not the case. Dogs with Black Masks
can be found in our Experts Page.  Plus visit the pictures below showing TRUE aboriginal dogs with
Black Masks .Most CASD have some sort of Black Marking on their face and specks of white or line of white.

When the Russian Government left Turkmenistan in haste over 10 years ago they abandoned
their Germans Shepherds at the many military bases located here. Thus they interbred,
No Spay or- Neuter + No kennels + No control = Mixed breeds.

The dogs  that  are called OVCHARKA
in native areas, translates to  Mongrel..

Ovcharka is a Russian term thus NEVER used by natives _unless it is a mongrel.
And according to T Innova Russian expert it is not CORRECT for the Central Asian breed.
Only USA people who use Ovcharka wish to keep the breed as rare.
To increase the desire to own something rare and get more money of course.

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