OFA:  Orthopedic Foundation of Animals
GDC:  Genetic Disease Control
OVC:  Ontario Veterinary College
PH:     Penn Hip
PI:      Permanent Identification / Microchip - Tattoo - DNA
HD:    Hip Dysphasia  A Genetically inherited Disease of All Large Breed dogs
Prelim:   Preliminary X-ray Ages 4 months to 23  months higher Accuracy the older the dog is.
CGC:   Canine Good Citizen                            
TDI:  Therapy Dog International Certification
TT:     Temperament Test title (C) by the ATTS 
ATTS: American Temperament Test Society Natural Guardian dog test
FCI Tan:  Test de Aptitude Naturales
PT or CT : Protection Testing or Courage Test See below.
Civil Agitation: Most closely resembles the Courage Testing Done by the Russians.
It requires the dog to PROTECT its Owner or area ON leash or tie out by using Defense  vs prey drive..
Not to be confused with Personal Protection Work as defined by the US Sport Fancy.
This is why we do this form of testing to insure the dog has the WANT to protect its owner and does NOT cower or play with a aggressive strangers

OKD: Russian Obedience
KS-ZKS:   Russian/Central Asian Sentry Protection & Guard Work similar to Civil Agitation

UKC:       United Kennel Club
AKCFSS:  Recording Service for NON AKC Accepted Breeds
FCI:         Federation  Cynologique International 
FCPR       La Federation Canofila  de Puerto Rico
FCI Inspected: In Person Inspection of breed type Offered by FCPR to bring back o FCI Registration to breeds born outside of FCI Countries.

RKF:         Russian Kynlogical Federation
FCI Approved:  Judges that are certified to JUDGE your Specific breed.
CASSA: Central Asian Shepherd Society of America

                                  Common Names and Breed Types
CAS:    Central Asian Shepherd
CAO:  Central Asian Ovcharka
MAO:    Middle Asian Ovtcharka named used until 1989
Alabai: Name for the Turkmen version of the breed

Aziat:  Russian National Speciality
General Terms often Misused  Ovtcharka ~ Owtcharka ~ Ovcharka
Is a generic Slavic Term for Russian Sheep dog or Shepherd dogs.
It is INACCURATE to call a Central Asian dog a OVCHARKA since this name translates in Central Asia to MONGREL- This describes the German Shepherds Patrol dogs that were LEFT there by the Russian military and they mixed with local Asian dogs Creating a OVCHARKA..
It applies to the Old English Ovcharka or the German Shepherd Ovcharka.
As well as the in correct term for the Central Asian as well.
Now if someone wishes to use the CORRECT Russian term for the Russian dogs.
It would be Sredneasiatskaia Ovcharka not Central Asian Ovcharka .
Either translate the ENTIRE word or Name or leave it as is .SAO = Sredneasiatskaia Ovcharka

Molosser: A Group of Breeds see Molosser World-  Oldest MOST Accurate Info

Dog Shows for Molossers 
MBA: Molosser Breeders Association - Molosser Olympics
CMA:  Canadian Molosser Association

Different Breeds: As it relates to the CAS.
CO - KO - CMD- Caucasian Ovcharka - Caucasian Mountain Dog - Kavkaz
Volkodav = Was used 100 years ago for the Caucasian dogs that strangle Wolves.
SRO:    South Russian Ovcharka

Because what affects one Ovcharka breed affects them all.

Check the OFA Database for Caucasian breeders who are health testing .
Or ask for Penn Hip RESULTS from other breeders.
See beyond the pictures & look for substance in the parents of each & every litter.


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